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Title: Tempus Fugit
Author: [profile] ghani_atreides
Rating: PG
Word Count: 438
Disclaimer: I do wish I owend Alec, but I don't. Neither do I own anybody else you can recognize. Okay? Okay.
Summary: Time was a self-centered bastard.

Alec’s hand was on her back, not on her shoulder as a friend’s would be, no, it was resting heavily on her lower back, right there where her shirt hitched up just a tad, just enough to hint the smoothness of the skin it hid, the skin Alec could touch –was touching- and he couldn’t. 

Logan had lost all of his rights to Max’s lower back. And he didn’t even know when exactly had that happened. He just knew that one morning, Alec was sitting slightly closer to her and she wasn’t ramming on his ass for his daring. And from that moment, they became even more inseparable.

Running a nation together -and Logan was way beyond fooling himself into believing that Alec’s part wasn’t as important as Max’s- meant that there was a lot of Max and Alec everywhere, all the time. Any decision had to be ran by both, which created conflicts on a regular basis, conflicts he fed from, because as long as Alec kept getting on her nerves, Max would keep coming back to him, looking for comfort and peace.  

Logan was happy with that arrangement. He won, Alec lost. Good deal. Problem was, that one day Max wasn’t complaining about Alec’s ways anymore, in fact she wasn’t complaining about him at all. She ranted about the virus, the army’s renewed attempts at getting inside Terminal City, the angry mobs that just refused to get a life. And another hundred things more. But not Alec.

He should have seen it then; he should have done something about it when he still could cut this thing from the bud. He should have made his move when he still had time. Now it was too late. 

Alec’s hand was still on her lower back, moving ever-so-slightly higher, hitching her shirt up half an inch.

And Logan was nearly seething, but his anger wasn’t entirely directed at Alec, he was pissed at Max too, for letting the rouge X5 come between them, and apparently into her bed; he was pissed at himself for not seeing what was right there in front of him.  

But he was particularly murderous toward Time itself, for going by so fast, for tricking him into believing that he still had plenty, when in reality he had ran out of it. Max was giving her time to someone else now, and, unlike Logan, Alec was making the most of it.

It was Alec's time now. And in all honesty, all Logan could do was hope that the younger man kept present that Time is unforgiving and stops for no one. Not even a man in love.

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posted by [identity profile] at 06:11am on 27/07/2007
Aww, Logan! *pets him* It's so like Max to move on without bothering to tell Logan that she's moving on. Lovely fic. Short and sweet.
posted by [identity profile] at 10:13am on 02/08/2007
Yeah, she'd avoid that conversation to all cost. Unless Alec made her do it, which he wouldn't because, c'mon, he'd enjoy a wee bit too much to see Logan suffer. For a little while anyway, and if Logan hadn't clued in all by his lonesome, then Alec would have sat down with Max and threaten to withhold sex for at least an hour unless she comes clean to Loggie-boy...

And clearly I'm taking this way too seriously. Sort of. Heh

So glad you enjoyed it!
posted by [identity profile] at 07:25am on 17/08/2007
I really like the way you put this "he was particularly murderous toward Time itself," very different from the usual slant in which Logan turns to crazy plots to win her back. Also, I like to think that even if they had ever truly gotten together, it really wouldn't have lasted very long either. Awesome job, thanks for sharing!
posted by [identity profile] at 09:09pm on 17/08/2007
Yeah, I hate it when he goes bat-shit just like that. I mean, he did love her and all, but we've all been there and we move on, and Logan really doesn't fit the profile of a psycho, yanno?

I think, Logan loved the idea of Max, and Max loved what Logan seemed to offer, but he was always trying to get her to be something else -granted she wanted to be something else too, so she condoned it. And overall, it felt very utupian, an idealized picture of what should be, but it wasn't, I think they lasted so long because for one reason or another they couldn't really be together. So I think that sort of first love/perfect love daze would eventually wear off.

So, so glad you liked it. Thank YOU for reading and commenting!
posted by [identity profile] at 05:21pm on 18/08/2007
Perhaps now Logan will learn that waiting a friggin' YEAR to make a move on a girl is not the best idea.

Not that I want Logan/Max together, but it was so unbelievably frustrating to watch Max moon over this Ordinary when Alec was RIGHT THERE. Anyone with half a brain should know that a mostly-paralyzed Ordinary will *never* be able to satisfy Max in bed, so if they had just done the deed at some point in the first season, she would have gotten that out of her system and been reading for some breeding good times with the start of the second season. ;) Of course, Logan may have realized that himself, which is why he didn't try to get her into bed until, essentially, it was too late.

And, WOW, have I gotten off-topic. ANYHOW. This was fun to read, and I can totally see Alec doing this in front of Logan, flaunting what Logan can't touch (for fear of dying, granted) and what Alec now has the right to touch. I have a feeling Max would outlaw kissing or making out in front of Logan, but I think Alec's moves are just subtle enough that Max wouldn't notice. Or, well, she could tell herself that she didn't notice, anyhow. ;)

Thanks for posting.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:16pm on 21/08/2007
That is all I'm sayin'! who does that, anyway?

See? I always wandered what was the point they were trying to make there, Max's huge heart? Love conquers all? In matters of the heart, body is accessory? I mean, how far could they have gone? Even if Logan weren't paralyzed she'd still be very much superior to him, but then they went on and put him in a wheel chair like saying "here, look at this man that got himself shot and it's all Max's fault, feel sad for him, condone the girl's future infatuation"... I was kinda hoping season 2 would be about them growing out of it, I even thought Alec was gonna be the means for that to happen, and for a minute there? they almost made it. But then Logan learned all the cool stuff he could do with his exo and that's that, he's just like any other transie out there people! Huge eyeroll there.

That's okay, off-topic is good! Alec so would, in fact, I think I'll add that bit on his part. And, do you know why he'd do that? because Alec, being Alec, wouldn't wait for a YEAR before making his move on Max! He's a smart cookie!

No, thank you for reading.


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