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Title: It's unlocked anyway.
Author: [profile] ghani_atreides
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2.770
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Alec, but I don't. Neither do I own anything else you can recognize. The words however...
Summary: Alec was not her friend. Friends didn't kiss like this, friends didn't feel so warm, friends didn't... they just didn't.

“And… uh, well that’s all really” Max finished her rather lame explanation.

But how could she concentrate when Alec was looking at her like that. She didn’t even know what was that that, she just knew that today it was more intense than usual… usual? Had he looked at her with that sparkle before? And how come she hadn’t noticed it then?  

But she had noticed it, she just admitted her recognition of that thing his eyes were doing right now, that slight change that made them greener, and that she was only capable of seeing because he was so close. Way too close.
She licked her lips, unable to stop it, and fully understanding what it would look like to him, since he was very much borrowing into her personal space, sharing her breath, and completely stealing her thoughts. As his eyes immediately ran toward her lips, her skin tingled, and it hit her that she wasn’t pulling back, not even a little. She was encouraging him, subconsciously of course, but still. And hadn’t she just acknowledged her actions, and gone as far as to even know what he’d take them for?  

Yes, she just had, then why in hell wasn’t she pulling away?

Because she didn’t want to, so simple, so overwhelming. She had to breathe, and then breathe again, until she couldn’t do it anymore because he was all she breathed in, his scent, his heat polluting the air around her, and that was really not helpful at the moment. Or ever, actually. 

Alec’s eyes returned to hers, darker now, almost brown and so, so bright. She read the question in them, the plea. Max nodded and in a nanosecond his lips were pressing against hers. Not softly, but not harsh either, just the right amount of pressure to make her blood rush to her ears as her hart beat picked up the pace.

A hand found its way into her hair, his lips parted and his tongue darted out to lick its way into her mouth. A small moan forming in the back of her throat, her world going completely askew when realization dawned on her that Alec was not her friend. Friends didn’t kiss like this, friends didn’t feel so warm, friends didn’t... they just didn’t. 

Alec pulled back; eyes still closed and a deep sigh abandoning his lips. His hand was still in her hair, and she left it there for just one more second, needing the contact to help her assert some control over reality.
Not that it was working anyway. 

“Max” he rasped, voice deep and dark. She looked away, wishing she hadn’t heard that; wishing she hadn’t been there when he said her name like that.

“Gotta go, Alec” she stumbled to her feet, making a beeline to the door, mentally cursing when her foot hit a chair’s leg and sent it a few loud inches back. When she reached the door she dared take a look at him, now that she was at a safe distance from him. Bad idea, Alec’s head was bowed, elbows on his knees, eyes closed again, breath slightly ragged.  

She had to leave.
Her bed looked big to her, really big. Even while her brain made the calculations for her, annoying the hell out of her in the process, especially since she was honestly thinking about getting an even bigger bed because Alec was too long for this one, and his feet would hang over the edge.

When exactly was she expecting Alec’s feet to be hanging from her bed’s edge? Why did she care anyway? Great. Just great. 

Max was still shocked from that thing that she was not naming, because she was not thinking about it. Really. She hadn’t even digested what that was, and there she was already calculating odds and the like.

She shook her head at herself, it helped with the whole not thinking about it deal, except it didn’t because, who the hell was she trying to fool? It was all she could think about. Damn him! 

Alec’s eyes had been so intent, his lips so… so there, against hers, taking her to a place where time stretched while it shrunk, making everything last longer than necessary but not long enough. Not nearly long enough. She wanted more, she wanted all, and after that, she wanted to see Alec’s feet hanging from her too-small bed.

It have been a while since she just gave up and decided that lying to herself was not working because well, she wasn’t buying it. So she set about remembering when was it that she had spotted that look in his eyes.  

Often, as it turned out to be, always directed at her. She had noticed it before, she had noticed a lot of things about Alec, actually and that should have ringed some bells in her head, but she had pegged her constant awareness of him to military instinct, her in-bred need to control every situation and every variable.

Alec was a variable, a wild card and since she could never know what was he gonna jump with at any given moment, she constantly studied him, always attentive to his proximity in a way she never was with Logan. And she was attracted to Logan, so the logical conclusion was that her reaction to Alec was not physical attraction; he was a threat in a way Logan never was.  

And God she was right, he was a threat to her sanity, he challenged the security walls she had built around her emotions during all of those years of running alone. Walls that were meant to protect her from attaching herself to anything that could jeopardize a possible emergency escape.

Walls he methodically brought down, so skillfully that she didn’t even noticed until it was too late, until she’d already told him about Ben, until she’d already taken his presence in her everyday life as a balance of sorts, Alec was the point where both of her worlds met, he was a bridge between them and thus he kept things in line, kept them from getting too out of control in a way she hadn’t suspected he could.  

She had accepted him in her innermost circle, the one where there was just her and her memories of a dark childhood and her hopes for a fuzzy future. He’d made himself a place there and she’d let him get comfortable. Alec had become her friend.

No, he wasn’t a friend anymore, now he was back to being an uncertainty and she didn’t know what to do with that. 
It was so typical of that man, to screw around with her brains like that! Only Alec could exasperate her so royally even when he wasn’t in the same room. Double damn him!
They had started some kind of hide-and-seek game, where both hid from the rest of TC, to seek each other’s lips. Alec’s favorite make out spot was the closet nearby her office; hers was the roof of that building across the street.

It was good; it made her feel giddy and all schoolgirl-ish.  

He kept throwing looks her way, looks that made promises and brought back memories, looks that made her tingly and bitchy all at once because that boy was just asking for an ass-whooping, smirking at her like that, being so conspicuous and stuff.

It was good, until one day he just upped the stakes.  

She’d been expecting it, hell she’d been waiting for it, but it still caught her unawares when he opened the door to his apartment and turn around to face her, she thought he’d kiss her goodnight -such a cliché- and so she smiled and tilted her head accordingly, Alec just ran a slow finger along her exposed neck, starting at her chin and burning a path down to the edge of her top, ending it right above her breast.

The whole time his eyes fixed on hers, darkening and shifting, intensity and desire pouring from him. Max shifted her weight slightly on her feet to cover up the way she flinched back a little. The corner of his mouth lifted up into something resembling a smirk but not quite there, eyes so green; he licked his lips and gently pulled her in for a kiss, she gave in and after a rather disappointing peck he was gone, standing on the other side of the threshold, all the promises back into his eyes.
Max really, really wanted to go in and take everything he offered, she just couldn’t. He sighed and his shoulders slumped an inch, making him look resigned, like he knew what her answer would be, like he’d been prepared for it but it still hurt. 

“Its unlocked, anyway” he whispered, a low, deep rumble that made her skin tingle and sent yearn pooling between her thighs. Just like that.

Max nodded and turned around feeling his eyes on her back. When she reached the turn of the stairs, she heard the door close… and remain unlocked.
It was three in the morning, and she’d been turning around on her bed, tangled in her sheets, restless and unable to forget his eyes, his hands and the way they’d grip her hips during a make out session, the warmth of his chest pressed up against hers, and the taste of his tongue in her mouth.
She hadn’t kissed him, tasted him in five hours, twenty-five minutes and sixteen seconds, and that had to be wrong on some level.
On many levels actually, because she really wanted to kiss him and… more, she always wanted more, and now that he’d offered that more, she was pulling back? What the hell kind of a strategy was that? Really, her logic could use some help. Alec was two buildings away, door unlocked and eyes full of desire for her and she was there, wrestling with her sheets, alone, and desperate to go over there and just have her way with him, or let him have his way with her… either way would work. 

Her knock on the door resounded across the empty hall. Max waited for a fraction of a second before turning the knob and letting herself in. The apartment smelled like him, and well he did live there, but the important thing about that fact was that he was there at the moment, in his bed, not sleeping she could tell, his breathing wasn’t even.
The silence of the night allowed her to hear the way his breath sort of caught in his throat and he didn’t let it go until she was standing right in front of him, the angle of the bed keeping his face in darkness but it wasn’t too dark for her revved-up eyes, Alec moved to recline on his elbows, the dirt on the window and the light coming through it creating bizarre patterns over the room.
“It was unlocked” she said before taking her jacket off and climbing on the bed, crawling toward him, and stopping when her body towered over his to remove her shirt, supporting her weight on her hands and knees, Max let her lips find his, she let herself lose her balance when he pulled her down to land upon his chest.
And then it was all thick and heavy there, with his tongue dragging across hers, tangling with hers, arms circling her body and pressing it against him, fingers sliding under the strap of her bra, rolling over the skin he found there to unhook the garment, even as his legs kicked the comforter out of the way so that there was one less barrier between them.
Max moaned softly when he rolled them over, and his weight fell on her skin. Whatever item of clothing that still remained on was swiftly removed and tossed away, where it wouldn’t disturb the slide of skin over skin.
Hands exploring caused whimpers and heavy pants that crowded the stillness of the room. Heat increased and Max arched into him when Alec’s mouth found a nipple and latched itself to it, sending small electrical shots down her spine. Her thigh rubbed against his erection and he groaned, moving up to meet her lips again. Like he couldn’t stay away.
His hands were everywhere, and she didn’t even know how that was possible at all since he only had two hands, but still he managed. His eyes pressing into hers, sweat pearling his shoulders, a hand snaking between her thighs teasing her with a vague reference when she wanted a definition, and did she really need to use a grammatical figure as a comparison?
Eyes still fixed on hers, Alec pushed a finger in and Max gasped, bucking against his hand, begging for more, he acquiesced and adding another finger settled a rhythm that had her panting and breathing hard way too soon for her brain to grasp it all.  

And then his hand was gone, leaving her to whimper her discontent. Never mind, she’d get back at him.

Pushing him off of her, Max straddled his hips, licking her way over his neck and chest, enjoying how he cursed softly when she ran her tongue over a particularly sensitive spot. She could feel the tension of his body, muscles bunching under her as he tried not to squirm, as he let her set the pace for a while. Not that he lasted long like that, it wouldn’t have been Alec. 

A hand on her hip and another on the back of her head and he was on top again, more frantic now, more insistent. A smooth slide and he was spreading her legs wide to make room for himself, another slide and he was pushing inside her, and fuck that was good.

It had been so long, way too long, so she welcomed the burning pain of him stretching her, she welcomed the slow rhythm, knowing he was waiting for her to get used to this. She welcomed his mouth nipping on her lip, his hands in her hair as he braced himself on his elbows. 

Max arched with a groan when he sped up a bit, still not fast enough, but he was setting the pace and she was letting him. Max moved one leg to wrap over his hips as encouragement, while her other heel was firmly planted on the bed, next to his thigh, helping her push a counter-rhythm, still letting him lead.

Heat weighted the room down, stealing oxygen away from their little corner of the world. Max couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t see anything but Alec and the way he just took up everything else.  
Alec and his intense, green eyes the only solid thing for her to hold on to.

Her hands digging in his shoulders, trying to get some leverage and postpone the inevitability of that molten fire he injected in her veins with each thrust. 

It seemed to last forever, Max thought she’d never see the moment when all the tension in her body was unbearable and she turned liquid in his arms, her muscles tensing and screaming as she did, gripping him and dragging him along into that hot, white place where pleasure bled from the walls and enveloped them in blessed oblivion.

Alec collapsed on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around him, reveling in the warmth and comfort his weight gave her. A kiss pressed to warm skin, a muttered “Jesus” and he was on his back, hand searching for hers and chest rising and falling faster than normal. She stretched and turned to him, looking at his face from hooded eyes, a soft sigh speaking of satisfaction. 

“Have I ever told you how gorgeous you are?” he asked; his hand tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, voice still low and darker if possible. She liked that voice, Max decided.

“Tell me now” a whisper, like it should be a secret, like such a confession should be private and she was invading that privacy.
“You’re beautiful” he rasped, kissing her knuckles then, eyes still kinda glassed and still so very green they practically glowed in the dark.
Max reached down to pull the comforter over them, the sheets were just too tangled up to even try with them. While Alec settled by her side, she noticed that his bed was huge compared to hers, in this bed they both had room, and nobody’s feet were hanging from the edge. She liked that bed. A lot. 

She’d tell him in the morning.

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ext_2557: (dark angel - 494/452)
posted by [identity profile] at 09:38am on 09/07/2007
Got a message that you friended me and came to check out your journal. I really like this fic. it's sweet and complicated, and a nice look into Max's way of looking at things. It's a feel good story, and sexy too.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:52pm on 09/07/2007
Hi there! hmm, I usually comment before friending, but I can't remember in your case, so I probably didn't...

Thank you so much!
I was really hoping the whole sweet-complicated thing came across. I mean, I wanted these two to get together but not because during a night of wild sex Max realized she'd been harboring romantic feelings for Alec, or because Alec's eyes are very pretty... I wanted a bit more of progression, and it wasn't even gonna get porny, thing is, it's very hard to say no to Alec when he wants to get laid.

I am working on this antsy porn-as-character-study piece, trying out styles, now I know I can pull off the feel-good fic, right? hopefully I'll be as lucky with the angst and then, the world will be mine ::evil laughter goes here::
posted by [identity profile] at 11:20pm on 27/07/2007
Sweet and intense
posted by [identity profile] at 09:09pm on 28/07/2007
Aw, thanks!

I was aiming for that, so I'm glad it got across
::does happy dance::
posted by [identity profile] at 03:50am on 17/08/2007
Really loved this peice! I especially liked how you played out Max's somewhat hesitancy to be more physical with Alec, and didn't make it seem as tho she felt he wasn't good enough for her or something crazy like that. Lovely job!


Image (

Unless I'm mistaken, I believe you have already joined at Raising Hell? If that's true, so lovely to see you there! :) And, you may have already planned on adding your DA fics there, if so, totally ignore this post! But, if not, just wanted to make sure you knew your more than welcome to archive your fics there!
posted by [identity profile] at 07:36pm on 18/08/2007
Thank you! I think her resistance has more to do with herself, getting that close to someone, letting things get there so fast would be new to her and it might also have something to do with her compulsion to running away? So it's not about him, it's about her, that's why Alec gave her some time, I guess, so that she could decide for herself. Did that make sense?

Oooh, lookit the fancy invitation!

Yes, I have. But I've been having some restricted internet time lately, so it takes planning. But I will be adding some things there too. I hope.

Glad you enjoyed the fic!
posted by [identity profile] at 07:23am on 17/08/2007
CandyCentric sent me your way saying Ink has a great one-shot NC17 M/A fic I just had to read. Well, I'm a good little soldier and I follow orders (when it suits my purposes) so here I am

Great story! Loved Max's take on things - the girl loves swimming in that famous Egyptian river, hey? Anyway, I really enjoyed reading that. Sweet and sexy and just good stuff.

Maybe you'll consider postin' up on Raising Hell...your work would be a most welcome addition :)

Thanks for sharing...I'll hug CC this weekend.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:39pm on 18/08/2007
Soldier on, my friend. Soldier on!

Yeah, she does. It's freaky, how she's managed to survive this long!

I'm already working on that. ::grins::

Awww, hug her for me too, would you?
posted by [identity profile] at 07:47am on 17/08/2007
Awesome. Just awesome!
posted by [identity profile] at 07:39pm on 18/08/2007
::blushes:: why thank you!

Glad you liked it.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:01pm on 17/08/2007
Oh, beautifully done.

posted by [identity profile] at 07:41pm on 18/08/2007

Thank you, thank you.

See? Alec gets laid ::snaps fingers:: like that! Dean, tho...
posted by [identity profile] at 04:07pm on 18/08/2007
Very interesting piece. I loved Max's realization that her constant awareness wasn't because of the physical danger/threat Alec posed to her ... but more of the psychological/romantic nature, if anything. She was aware of him because of who he was and the potential of what they could be (and eventually are) together.

Great job.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:49pm on 18/08/2007
"he'll drive you crazy with his talking, and his laughing, and his breathing..." right there I knew Alec was something to be aware of. He sneaks up on you, no matter how blatant and in your face he is sometimes, so I assume it could be the same for Max...

I always saw her as more aware of Alec's presence than she was of anybody else's. Even with Logan, she would lapse out and worry about Alec or something, Logan had to go and get shot in order to make himself room in Max's world, Alec just showed up and said "Hi, we have orders to have hot monkey sex until we make little kittens" and that was that.

Plus, and due to that, Alec has forever been associated with sex in my mind. Figured I could give Max a similar perspective.

Glad you liked it and thank you for commenting!
posted by [identity profile] at 04:03am on 08/11/2007
i can't believe i've never commented on this story before, but oh well, i'm doing it now.

i love it. it's sweet, intense, and pretty much captures everything i love about max and alec. i love that he gets in her head, i love how they're talking to each other in whispers, just, guh. i love it all.
penandnotebook: (DA - OTP)
posted by [personal profile] penandnotebook at 08:18pm on 08/11/2007
Aw, thank you for taking the time! That's what every writer wants. Really. Screw christmas presents!

I loved that dynamic there, sadly the producers disagreed with me. Losers. Hehe
posted by [identity profile] at 02:21am on 09/11/2007
you're very welcome! and yeah, it is. i always get sad when no one reviews what i write - maybe i should write more m/a.

i love both of their dynamics (m/a and m/l), so i'm torn between which couple i would want to see work out more. in a way i'm glad that all there is is fanfiction now, because now we can write our own ending. if that makes any sense. ;)
posted by [identity profile] at 11:07pm on 23/02/2008
*steams* phew! That was certainly hot! And you seem to have dodged most of the clichés, so BRAVO! No barcode-caresses, no growling/purring and so forth! Yay.

Even the characterisation was right! This line:

"...teasing her with a vague reference when she wanted a definition, and did she really need to use a grammatical figure as a comparison?"

had me cracking up! It is just so trangenic. The little geniusses...


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