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quantum mechanics

in the impossibly endless world of words

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Birthdate:Aug 6
Location:Texas, United States of America
This is me... mostly

Sister. Texan. Photographer. Bookworm. Friend. Idealist. Writer. Dancer. Thinker. Individualist. Computers illiterate. Insomniac. Scatter-brained. Sore loser. Traveler. Listener. Stubborn. Music junkie. Fangirl. Sarcastic. Art lover. Movie-goer. Procrastination-inclined. Random. Nostalgic. Caffeine friend. Easily annoyed. Friendly. Visual person. Freedom lover. Loner. Selectively anal-retentive. Cautiously optimistic. In constant motion. Shy. Tea addicted. Night owl. Autumn freak. Denim enthusiast. Sci-fi geek. Trivia provider. Dogs person. Belligerent.

The order may vary.

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You can't take the Sky from me
-- Ballad of Serenity

Obligatory Disclaimer: This Journal is the solid proof of [info]ghani_atreides's aforementioned selective anal-rententiveness: Here be the archive of my writings.
Dragonfly Café bears witness of other manifestations of my neurotic ways, in case you're interested.
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